Determining the Right Approach for NurseGrid’s Most-Requested Feature.

Using user-research to create an MVP that delighted users without overwhelming our small team.




Product Managers x 2

Customer Success x 2

iOS Engineer x 1

Android Engineer x 1

QA x 1

Marketing Leadership x 1

My Role

Sr. Mobile Product Designer


Prototyping, UI/UX Design, User Research


Figma, Principle, Sketchbooks, and Whiteboards


iOS, Android



Project Goal

NurseGrid's users had been asking for a way to compare their schedule's with that of their colleagues in order to plan events while working together or on shared days off.


A small team, a lack of formalized customer outreach, and our calendar UI was running low on real estate.


  • 67% increase in daily downloads (unpaid marketing).

  • 4.9 star app rating in the App Store. 4.5 stars in Google Play.

My Impact

I created a nurse advisory group with my product manager to formalize what our marketing team had been hearing on social media and other outreach campaigns.

I synthesized the results of a survey along with app reviews from both marketplaces, Intercom feedback from our customer success team, and social media conversations to define the scope of the feature that met user expectations without overwhelming our small team.

The end result was well-received by nurses, and provided us with a path for enhancement.

Research & Exploration

Internal conversations focused on a feature that allowed a single nurse to compare their schedule with any number of colleagues. This would create complexity for our small design and engineering teams.

We formed a customer advisory group of 500 nurses and sent out a general survey to understand what they liked and disliked about the app, along with an open-text field to get their wishlist of features. We had a response rate of nearly 80%, and 197 nurses took the time to provide thoughtful ideas of what they'd like to see in the app.

I worked with our marketing and customer support teams to combine the findings of this survey with Intercom tickets, social media feedback, and reviews from the App Store and Play Store.

What we found was that when people mentioned comparing their schedule with their colleagues, it was mentioned in a one-to-one context over half of the time. This gave us a limited scope to launch an MVP, learn, adjust, and grow.

Design & Validation

Sketching is my favorite way to explore broader concepts and weigh their benefits and challenges with leadership and engineering.

I determined that the correct entry point for this feature was from the colleagues screen, rather than from the calendar view. This was perfect not only for the one-to-one comparison that we were working on for MVP, but also gave us room to grow into a multi-point comparison in the future with very little disruption to the workflow that we would be establishing.

Our calendar squares were already packed with information: pay days, holidays, shift time of day, worksite, and more. It was important to assess what mattered when comparing a schedule to limit the noise.

Once we were pretty close on the designs, I leveraged our Figma design systems to quickly produce tap-through prototypes for internal testing to reach consensus on the approach. I was even able to do some guerrilla testing when a nurse stopped in while in Portland for her honeymoon!

Final animated touches were prototyped in Principal, and the animation curves were communicated to engineering. Everything was ready to go.

  • Love the app

    Very user friendly and intuitive, love the layout; easiest way by far to view my schedule quickly. And it's AWESOME that I can compare my schedule with my friends.

  • Love it

    I love nurse grid! It makes it easy to keep track of my schedule and to see when my coworker friends are working to plan events!

  • Great app for nurses

    This is a great way to keep track of shifts, find trades, and know who is working on a given shift. I recommend it to all my nursing friends and especially love the ability to look at my schedule and colleagues schedules overlapping.

  • Steff

    I love this app. My schedule is always on me!

    No need to write it down anywhere else, and the best part is that thanks to this app I make sure my pay check is always accurate. Being able to see my friends schedule is also a plus since it makes it easier to schedule get togethers, since nurses schedules are all over the place.

  • Awesome!

    The app is generally great! I love being able to compare schedules with a colleague. The only downfall is that you can't see whether you're on day shift or night shift while comparing. Hopefully that's an update in the making!

  • Great app!

    The layout is pleasant to look at and the app is user friendly. I also really love that you can compare schedules with another colleague. If it's possible to show multiple people's schedules along with your own at a time, that would be a great addition! I would also suggest to add "Resource Nurse" and "Float Shift" in "Work Shifts" options. But great app overall!!!

  • Amazing

    This app is a god send for me, comparing schedules with friends, and keeping track of it all! I would be lost without it.

  • Amazing App for work schedule

    I love this app. I have several jobs and each place I work is coded a different color. I can see when my friends are working to car pool and also my daughter who is a nurse uses it to compare our schedules. It is easy to use I recommend it to all nurses.

  • Best app for the hospital life

    This is such a quick and efficient app to compare schedules with friends and family.

  • RN

    I love this app. I can see my schedule where ever I go, and can I can compare with my friends/coworkers. Have told all my coworkers about this app!!!!


This feature was a resounding success. Downloads grew from 300 to 500 per day. We reached a 4.9-star rating in the App Store, and the reviews that mentioned calendar-comparison were glowing.

Some nurses noted their desire to compare with multiple colleagues; it's a good thing that we now had a great foundation to build from.

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